The Course

This course deals with all aspects of the inventory and warehouse operation. Participants will be

introduced to issues of tracking, handling and managing goods and material that are held in

stock. The course will also cover advanced stock control methods, demand planning as a tool

for reduction of obsolescence and redundancy, methods for dealing with variety and proliferation, health and safety and others. By the end of this course, participants will be able to use advanced techniques in order to reduce inventory and associated storage and handling costs. Participants will also have covered material from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport unit on warehousing and inventory, and  may be able to join a fast-track programme for this professional qualification if desired.

Course Content

  • Managing inventory flows in the supply chain
  • Inventory monitoring and control
  • Security in transport and warehousing activities
  • Tracking and controlling stock
  • Inventory auditing
  • New trends and the impact of technology on warehousing
  • Inventory Key Performance Indicators
  • Inventory reporting
  • Reverse logistics
  • Health & Safety and inventory management