About Menu Bar, Main toolbar,Layout,Model Layout Command Window,UCS Icon,Grid, Zoom and
Pan, Cross Hair

Co- ordinate setting
Absolute Co-ordinate System
Polar Co-ordinate system
Direct Distance Entry Method

Layout Setting
Using Limits and Unit setup

Draw Commands
Line, Construction line, Poly line,Polygon, Rectangle,Arc, Circle, Revision Cloud, Spline,
Ellipse, Ellipse Arc
Insert block, Make block, Point,Hatch, Gradient, Region
Table and Text

Function keys and Object snap setting
F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9,F10, F11, F12

Modify Commands
Erase, Copy, Mirror, Offset, Array,Move,Rotate, Scale, Stretch, Break, and Break at point,
Trim, Extend, Join, Fillet, Chamfer and Explode

Two Types Array
Rectangle Array, Polar Array

Two Types Blocks
Make block- Temporary
Wblock- Permanent

Quick, Linear, Aligned, Arc Length,Ordinate
Radius, Diameter, Jogged, Angular and leader

Drawing Excercise
Basic 2d Diagrams
2d window, Door, ventilator
House Plan and Elevation
Isometric Drawings 2d Isometric Drawings Project Uses of Layers and Properties toolbar
Printing & Plotting

3d Array
Rectangle Array, Polar Array

Box, Cone, Sphere, Cylinder,Pyramid Etc.
Extrude, Press Pull, Sweep, Revolve,Loft,Union, Subtraction, Intersection Etc..

Visual Style, Orbit, Solid Editing(Face Extrude,Separate, Imprint, Shell, Taper Etc.)

Camera Animation


Drawing Exercise
Basic Diagram
Table, Chair
3d window, Door, Staircase,
3d House

Project work
2d Plan, Elevation, 3d House